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Shane Warner

Shane Warner has an Iron Will

In 20xx, Shane suffered a traumatic brain injury. He experienced the support of his family and doctors as he sought to relearn old skills and develop news ones as he continues through his life’s journey as a survivor. Today Shane is giving back to others by helping them connect and share their stories through his podcast and website, IronWill.

Ordinary People Overcoming Extraordinary Challenges

Led by Shane, IronWill is a community of warrior survivors working every day to overcome physical and mental challenges.

Iron Will – a burning determination that cannot be stopped or hindered by anything; willing to do anything to achieve a desired outcome; extremely resilient

Traumatic brain injuries

There are many things that a brain injury can affect and, a lot of times people with a brain injury appear normal.•My brain injury affected my right side and I have right side spasticity from it. So it is obvious that there is something wrong with me. However what people can’t see, is the invisibleContinue reading “Traumatic brain injuries”

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